Here are seven advantages of why you should hire us.

1.      More organized

We take care of all your belongings and make sure that everything is loaded and unloaded into our trucks in the most organize way possible.

2.      Less stress

Relax, we got your back! You can just sip on your lemonade while we do all the hard work. That’s right! We believe that the moving the experience should be stress free to all of our clients.

3.      Safety

You are safe with us! Let the professional movers to do the heavy lifting. We have the necessary tools to shift heavy furniture and to handle heavy objects. This is the best way to prevent you of any injury during the moving process.

4.      Insurance

We are licensed and insured. Our movers are employed by us, fully screened and properly trained to provide you with the exceptional customer service you deserve.

5.      Convenience

We are here to serve you with a spirit of excellence. We take care of all your belongings as they were are our very own. We save you time so you can go shopping and do your personal errands.

6.      Cost effective

With Orlando Moving Company you receive on-time service by professional packing and moving coordinators. We offer no-cost, no-obligation on-site estimates and competitive pricing for any size move.

7.      Peace of mind

You don’t have to worry about doing all the packing and transport big heavy furniture or even fragile items. We can complete the work of packing up your whole house in a truck without any kind of supervision.





Winter Park

An independent city created for northern snow birds, Winter Park is Orlando’s quintessential “old money” neighborhood. Posh boutiques and museums dot this charming enclave where the women are just a little bit blonder and a little bit thinner than anywhere else. Cobblestone streets are the norm here, as are wonderfully old oak trees covered in Spanish moss. Rollins College is the town’s cultural center, with its chapel serving as the backdrop of a popular classical musical series.
Neighborhood residents — largely well-to-do families — have more than a few cultural gems in their own backyard, such as the intimate but stunning Charles Hosmer Museum of American Art, which holds a respectable collection of works by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Fine dining options and specialty shops are abundant here, particularly along well frequented Park Avenue, but residents may also enjoy less expensive fare: a Saturday farmers market at 200 W. New England Ave. offers fresh produce, exotic spices, baked pies and homemade jellies, among other treats. Wonderful ethnic options are also available, such as Sazon436 on Semoran Boulevard (State Road 436), which was voted Orlando’s Best Puerto Rican restaurant in a recent Orlando Sentinel survey.


College Park

Deriving its name from streets named after colleges (Princeton, Harvard, Yale, et al), this neighborhood packs a punch because of its proximity to downtown Orlando and low-key beauty. Longtime elderly residents live alongside newer Orlando denizens, many of them professionals, in charming, though not inexpensive, homes. The area’s hip specialty stores and restaurants as well as its close proximity to Loch Haven Park, the city’s cultural corridor, also add value to this area.
College Park is highly walkable, a factor prospective homeowners are increasingly taking into consideration before committing to a purchase. If you go for a day visit, do check out the Harmoni Market, a Mediterranean deli serving delicious gourmet goodies. You may also take a stroll by Jack Kerouac’s former home, where the beatnik best known for writing On the Road lived for a time. Today, the house provides aspiring writers with free housing for three months as they work on their next masterpiece.


East Orlando (UCF Area)

Home to thousands of students attending the University of Central Florida, Orlando’s largest state school, this neighborhood is dynamic, young and ethnically diverse. Traffic can get a little hectic at times, but living next to one of the largest universities in the country has lots of cultural pluses. Locals, for instance, may attend a football game at the brand-new Bright House Stadium (UCF is trying to beef up its sport creds), catch a play at UCF’s Conservatory Theater and crash a host of lectures and film viewings on campus at a low cost or entirely for free.
Most residents live in owner-occupied, single-family homes, but rentals abound thanks to student demand. The neighborhood also hosts a vibrant and large immigrant population that contributes great ethnic food options, such as Rice and Beans Cocina Latina, on Alafaya Trail.


Lake Nona

Lake Nona is an up-and-coming neighborhood attracting families from different socioeconomic backgrounds, with housing units ranging from luxury homes to townhouses available to suit many budgets. Originally conceived as a 7,000-acre golfing mecca, the area is perhaps best known for the Tavistock Cup, a competition held each year among the best professional players from the Isleworth and Lake Nona country clubs.
Recently, Lake Nona has been trading its exclusive “golf” image for a more scientifically cutting-edge one. A Medical City, which includes the biotech research group Burnham Institute, the University of Central Florida’s medical school, a veterans hospital, and a 500-acre science and technology office park are slated for construction on the site. These projects promise to add real estate value to this still-evolving neighborhood in South Orlando, which developers say has another 10 to 15 years of growth and expansion ahead. Its close proximity to Orlando International Airport is also a plus for those with regular business commutes.



Though technically in Kissimmee, Celebration likes to think itself as an independent city catering to middle and upper middle class families (quite a few of them employed at neighboring Walt Disney World). Modeled after small American towns from the early 1900s, the place has a feel reminiscent of a Hollywood movie set. Though it’s been derided in popular culture for being artificially squeaky clean and predictable, Celebration’s design has its pluses: besides having its own Town Center with several restaurants and shops to choose from, Celebration allows for pedestrian traffic, a rarity in today’s suburban America. Locals often walk, bike or ride in electric vehicles to get around.
Celebration also works hard to create a sense of place and neighborliness through a host of annual events, such as an exotic car show, the Great American Pie festival and an Oktoberfest party. Fall and Christmas events feature fake falling leaves and artificial snow, respectively, blown to the public’s delight in the neighborhood’s Town Center each year.


  1. Pack an overnight bag containing all the essentials.

Chances are, you’ll be too tired to unpack your things. You’ll want your essentials within easy access, including a change of clothes if you’re going back to work the next day as well as all your toiletries. It’s also a great way to transport a laptop, which could run the risk of getting stolen during a move.

  1. Pack the items you will need FIRST in a clear plastic bin.

This includes things like a box cutter, paper towels, tra

sh bags, eating utensils, select cookware, power strips, phone chargers, toilet paper, tools, etc. The clear bin allows you to see inside; it also separates itself from the myriad of cardboard boxes.

  1. Wrap your breakables (dishes, glasses, etc.) in clothing to save on bubble wrap.

Wrap your breakables (dishes, glasses, etc.) in clothing to save on bubble wrap.

Two birds, one stone: You’re packing your clothes and kitchenware at the same time.

  1. For extra padding, pack your glasses and stemware in clean socks.
  2. In addition to labeling what’s in your boxes, add what room they’ll be going into, as well.

When you arrive at your new home, unpack BY ROOM. The unpacking process will feel more manageable.

And remember to label the SIDES of the boxes, not the tops. This way, you’ll be able to identify them even if they’re stacked.

  1. If you can, show up to your new home before the move and pre-clean the bathroom and kitchen.

Put up a new shower curtain liner and stock some new bath towels and toilet paper, as well. You’ll want to take a hot shower after a long day of moving.

  1. Place an extra cotton pad or ball into your powder cosmetics to keep them from breaking.

This is a great tip for traveling in general.

  1. Cover the openings of your toiletries with saran wrap, then put the tops back on.

This will keep your toiletries from breaking and leaking all over your stuff during the move.

  1. Pack plates vertically, like records. They’ll be less likely to break.
  2. Keep drawers intact by covering them with Press’n Seal.

Dresser drawers are like their own moving boxes — this will keep you from having to unpack and refold their contents.


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We are deeply saddened and shocked by the violence that took place in our city this weekend. We’re proud to call Orlando our home and couldn’t be more proud of our fellow community members.

In light of the recent tragedy in Orlando, we’re offering free moving services to anyone directly affected by the recent tragedy that rocked our city this weekend. We’re looking to offer our moving services to friends and family members that have been left in sorrow.  In our opinion, it’s the least we can do to help the community.

We’re offering a two man, one truck service to help them move throughout Florida. If they need further assistance out of Florida, we will work with them to accommodate that service.

If you know anyone that is in need of this service, please have them call us immediately.


#OrlandoStrong  #OrlandoUnited

Orlando Strong

Capture67Moving is one of the most wonderful, yet stressful, life changes that 14% of Americans experience each year. Moving to a new home should be an exciting milestone for you and your family, so imagine what it would feel like to ease the stress that comes along with packing, moving, sorting, and rearranging so that you can fully enjoy this experience. Wouldn’t you rather trade those feelings of frustration, stress and anxiety for excitement, anticipation, and triumph?

Some household items are considerably harder to move to another home than others. For example, the task of moving your book collection to your new home feels pretty straightforward as opposed to moving, say, that Billiards table you just had to get after going to Las Vegas last spring. This idea becomes clear relatively early in the moving stages, and as the planning goes on, it is easy for many people to become overwhelmed with the idea of having to tackle the workload on their own. That’s why we’re here to help.

We are Orlando Moving Company and we’re here to take what was once a physically and emotionally taxing experience and transform it into a hassle-free and pleasurable life event for you and your loved ones. Moving isn’t necessarily something we look forward to, it’s just part of life’s journey. Despite this fact, there’s no feeling quite like the comfort of putting the finishing touches on your new place, at which point you can finally relax and call it your home.


There is actually a great deal to perform in preparing for your new move new move: setting up mail forwarding, changing over all your utilities, obtain packing items, etc. Moving really is the easiest part as you’ll spend the majority of your time packing and unpacking. Orlando Moving Company can also assist you with this process. Prepping is a key component to a very smooth and structured outcome for your move. This is actually a taxing and in-depth process, but inevitably will make your moving experience significantly less nerve-racking.

Transfer All Your Important Information

Before you move, make sure you transfer all your current utilities to the new location. Doing this in advance is important as not all utility companies can come at a moments notice also change by using a address using a address form. It’s important that your current credit matches your billing
address currently to avoid any issues. Or you can always go into the local post office and do it that way.

Utilize Cheap Packing Supplies On A Budget.

A good place to start if your really low on funds would be your local furniture, and grocery stores. They have all sorts of box sizes at their disposal and would be willing to depart with them to assist your move. Again calling 7 days in advance is the proper way to be thinking about this. Never get yourself put in a bind by procrastinating at the last minute.

Another great resource is friends that recently moved into a new home. You can contact them and see if they have any boxes that are not being used currently. You could order supplies from Orlando Moving Company as another option if it’s in your budget to do so.


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